Southern Print Finishing Services Ltd. is a customer focused, service oriented company. We are able to offer highly competitive rates and service contracts on the full range of print finishing equipment. Our plans protect our customers equipment investments by providing regular, proactive servicing. This avoids costly repairs due to lack of regular maintenance while ensuring maximum uptime. We help look after your company’s productivity and performance, so don’t risk downtime or unexpected repair costs. Give your business the all-around protection it deserves and call us today!

Annual Maintenance Agreements

Investing in an Annual Maintenance Agreement with us reduces your costs and ensures the best possible protection for your equipment. Our regular scheduled call outs make sure the necessary maintenance is performed when its needed.

Onsite Service

Need help for a specific situation where one of our Annual Maintenance Agreements doesn’t have you covered? You can still make use of our services and simply pay for labour and the parts as needed.

Return To Workshop Repair Service

Our Return To Workshop Service offers you the opportunity to send equipment to our facilities for off site repair. Once in our state-of-the-art workshops we can repair, refurbish and service your equipment. We also offer pick up and delivery services complete with re-installation.

Installation Service

Proper installation of equipment is important for both operational use and safety. Our trained technicians can install equipment, whether new or used, at your location and on your time table.

Onsite Training

Have you team engage in hands-on training sessions at your location with our subject matter experts. Well trained staff who are familiar the equipment they use, supports higher productivity and ensures its optimal operation.

Emergency Repairs

When things go wrong, you’ll require a quick response to get the repairs you need. Equipment downtime is more than lost productivity, it can damage your reputation with your customers. You can’t afford lost time, overtime, because of slow repair service, inexperienced technicians or days waiting for your print equipment to be operable. So turn to us for help. Our dependable and responsive Emergency Repair Service gets you back on track fast enabling you to meet your customers commitments.


Our machine Relocation Service take the worry out of any equipment move or relocation. You can rely on us to fit in with your plans and make sure everything stays on track. Staffed by a team that has decades of experience, our Relocation Service covers everything you need. Typical examples of a relocation include Machine strip, Rebuilding, Moving, Commissioning.

Don’t take a chance with you next relocation or move. No matter how big or small, call us on 0118 979321101189 793211 today!

Service Areas

Our service area covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.

In addition, our associate engineers help us cover most of the rest of the UK. Please give us a call to confirm that your company is in a region that we cover.

Southern Print Finishing Services Ltd.

18 Defford Close
RG41 1HJ

Workshop located at:
Unit 9A
Phoenix Park
Nelson’s Lane
RG10 0RR

Office: 0118 9793211 0118 9793211

Mike Swain

Mobile: 07831 696823

Garry Ireland

Mobile: 07711 839625

Our products can be dangerous, please click here for a free health and safety guide.

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